Championing Career Excellence through Effective Coaching

Providing career development services that deliver career excellence.

Our definition of an excellent career is one that:

1) Pays your ideal income

2) Creates meaningful purpose

3) Promotes professional growth


Building the pathway to Career Excellence

Phase one - getting to know you
1. Career Advisory Session

Our Career Advisory team is here to support and identify your career pathway opportunities. We will work with you to develop a career plan to achieve your desired career outcomes.

2. Career Action Plan

We co-create strategies with our learners to pursue their career aspirations such as career promotion, entrepreneurship, new employment, freelancing, and professional coaching.

3. Skills Training

We offer a mixture of skills training programs that include Skills-Future-funded courses and in-house programs that are catered to your needs.

Phase two - holding you accountable
4. Career Coaching

We offer coaching services to support our learners’ career journey by working to create awareness of their career goals and to have selfaccountability in achieving them.

5. Community of Practice

You will join in-house programs to sharpen your skills and equip you with useful toolsets.


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6. Placement Support

We partner with a recruitment agency Fish4Talents to identify placement opportunities for our learners.

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About Centre for Career Excellence

We care about your Career Aspirations. 

Centre for Career Excellence started out as a joint venture of two progressive training organisations  – Training Vision Institute and AGB Education Centre. We envision CCE to be a Coaching Institute and not just a coaching school. As a Coaching Institute, we will leverage on International Coach Federation’s coaching standards and go beyond to raise the standard of practice for professional coaches. 

We piloted coaching sessions for the participants to help them work on career-related issues while going through their skills training lessons. We were one of the first coaching institute to champion the professionalisation of the coaching industry in Singapore.  

Resources for Career Development

Coaching Pyramid

The Coaching Pyramid

The coaching pyramid is one way to look at the coaching activities that offer some insights into the profile of those being coached.

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career coach

How to be a Good Career Coach

If you are passionate about being a career coach, we have a number of tips for you. These tips will guide you into becoming an excellent career coach.

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Our Skills-training Courses


Business Transformation Excellence Series 1

Business Process Re-engineering with Robotic Process Automation Strategy

This programme is a useful introduction to the workplace of the future where people have to work with computers and alongside machines in the digitalised economy. Here you will learn to build software robots to do work that are manual or repetitive. It introduces you to the use of cloud computing and application programme interface.

This is a must attend course for all executives who want to get on-board the work of business transformation driven by the adoption of emerging technologies.

Unlocking Potential to maximise Performance through Coaching

Certified Professional Coach Programme with ACSTH ICF Accreditation

So you want to be a coach or an effective manager?

This programme is useful for leaders and managers who work with people to deliver powerful results in both the workplace or their personal life.

The Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) programme is accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF) which can lead to an internationally accepted credential as a professional coach.

The ACSTH Certified Professional Coach is an ICF recognised certificate by itself and is the beginning of a professional coaching pathway.

Learn more about our programmes via our free webinars!

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Live Webinar: So You Want To Be An Effective Coach?

Join us for a thought-provoking conversation on what it takes to be an effective coach.

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Championing Career Excellence

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