Career Coaching Service

James Lim, CEO of Centre for Career Excellence

This coaching service is designed to empower professionals at different stages of their life to continue their career journey with confidence and self-direction.

Do you know your career needs, and more importantly the priorities of what you need to do?

Is earning an income the immediate priority? Do you know what are the jobs that make you happy? Are you ready to overcome the barriers to a dream job?

If you still have uncertainties in your mind, come and meet your coach here. The most talented people perform successfully with a coach. Messi or Ronaldo does not need anyone to teach them to play football but they become successful with coaching.

About the first principles behind this coaching service:

Everyone is a leader.

What does success mean?

  • Is earning an income an immediate priority?
  • What kind of work makes you happy?
  • How do you get that dream job that you’ve always wanted?
Success looks different for everyone. Knowing ourselves is the first step to leading ourselves.

“Everyone needs a coach to perform successfully”

James lim, Centre for Career Excellence

What is Career Coaching about?

Career Coaching is a conversation

Coaching is a conversation…

but not between you and the coach. We all have a need to ‘check in’ with ourselves to understand what truly matters to us.

A professional-ICF certified coach creates the environment for you to access the hidden areas of your life that are calling out for attention.

When we know what we truly want, we can focus on making meaningful changes that matter.

The outcome of coaching is self-leadership.

Self-leadership begins with knowing yourself, and the barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals.

If you are experiencing any of these, you are not alone!

Who is coaching for?

Career Coaching Outcomes:


Remove Barriers To Growth

Comfort zones of familiar behaviour inhibit growth and development.


Eliminate Mental Traps

Fears based on false beliefs that limit innovation and confidence.


Spot Hidden triggers

Emotions hidden in our blind spots affect rational decision-making.

The coaching sessions will give you clarity on which of the following changes you want to make in your career:

1. Continuous Improvement

“I want to deploy my existing skills in the same sector”

  • You like what you do.
  • You want to remain in the same sector.
  • You only want to make small changes.

Possible Options:

  • Support your journey through performance coaching with a CCE coach.

2. Paradigm Shift

“I want to apply my existing skills in a new sector” 

  • You have portable skills that can be transferred to a new sector.
  • You are willing to invest time and effort to make the change.
Possible Options:

3. Step Change

“I want to remain in the same sector and learn new skills”

  • You want to do something different.
  • You want to remain in the same industry.
  • You only want to make changes and invest in training.

Possible Options:


4. Quantum Leap

“I want to learn new skills and enter a different sector”

  • You want to do something completely different.
  • You are willing to invest significant time and effort to make the change.
  • You have the financial resources to make the leap.
Possible Options:
  • Speak with a career coach to guide you on your transformation pathway.
  • Speak with a career advisor on possible training and re-skilling options.
The Basic Career Coaching Package includes:
  • 4 virtual coaching sessions  (60 minutes per session)
  • Use of journaling as a tool for achieving excellence
  • Ikigai profiling

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