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How to be a Good Career Coach

Career coaching Singapore has now become “a thing” these days, with a lot of career coaches scattered in different corners.

The reason for the rise of many career coaches is nothing other than the fact that many individuals see it as a quick source of income. Often, you would hear individuals who intend to start a career in the field as questions like “how well do you get paying clients?” Questions like this make us wonder if anything we humans would do must always be about money.

Though we have many career coaches, only a few of them have the passion to help lives let alone get skills training or think of career coaching certification – in order to execute their responsibilities perfectly.

Career coaching ought to be about connecting the skills training, personality, values, and distinct interests of an individual with the available opportunities in order to get a job he/she loves.

If you are passionate about being a good career coach, we have a number of tips for you below. These tips will guide you into becoming an excellent career coach.

1. Save money

You might be wondering what saving money has to do with career coaching, but it has everything to do with saving money. The reason is that career coaching is a business, and like every business, it runs on the wings of money. The money saved would be used to cater for things like getting career coaching certification for yourself, personal development, building a good online presence for your business, marketing your business, attending conferences, advertisement, and many more.

2. Get Certified with a Career Coaching Certification

Taking up a profession where you shoulder the responsibility of empowering people with your knowledge demands a level of preparation from you. Professional development is one of the most enjoyable parts of career coaching. You get to learn from experts and experienced coaches. You can enroll here to get your career coaching certification.

3. Patiently build your brand

Career coaching, like every other, requires patience, don’t expect clients to begin to flow to you like rivers just because you have a website or career the title “Career Coach”. You need to patiently build your brand. Building your brand will cost you some money, but you must be willing to spend it because it is an investment that will definitely pay off. Get every necessary professional development for yourself, create good content for your website, and you can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well.

4. Identify your niche

Different career coaching services exist so you must be able to stand out amongst them all. Like I mentioned earlier, the market is already saturated hence, a need for you to be distinct, and not just do what others are doing.

I believe you would find all the tips I mentioned above helpful if you desire to start career coaching. First of all, be sure that you are not entering the field for the gain you will make, but based on your passion to help others, and I can assure you that you would succeed.

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