How does RACE help PMET achieve their personal best?

RACE helps you set a course of action to excel at your level best at work 

while mapping out a sustainable, fulfilling career path.

Snapshot of The RACE Journey

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Up to 9 sessions of Career Coaching


8 Modules of Leadership Development


1-year CCE Community Access

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Let’s Explore RACE in Detail


Action Step 01

Clarify your career motivations with a career coach

What You Will Be Doing:

Up to 9 sessions of career coaching

– 4 stages of coaching: Assessment, Exploration, Preparation & Action-taking

– Clarify career direction to establish career goal

– Identify career challenge

– Conduct personality profiling

– Uncover personal barriers to progress

– Plan micro-steps to bridge gaps and narrow options

– Evaluate and process outcomes for dynamic pivoting

What You Will Be Achieving:

1. Accountability – Your career coach will hold you accountable to your commitments and help keep you on track with the occasional push.

2. Perspective – Get different points of view on your progress or challenges. Gain insights to help you find solutions more quickly and effectively than you could on your own.

3. Support – Have someone to celebrate your success or motivate you when you hit a roadblock. Get motivated back into positive action.

4. Experience – Have a sounding board by your side when it comes to job search, resume writing, interviews and portfolio building.

5. Focus – Know exactly what you are after, set clear and specific goals, and use tried-and-tested strategies for reaching your career goals.


Action Step 02

Learn knowledge, skills and exchange personal insights through 3 months classroom training with WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership & People Management via Training Vision Institute.

What You Will Be Doing:

8 Modules of Leadership & People Management (LPM) & Executive Development Growth & Excellence (EDGE)

1. Manage Self – A leader is one who is also able to lead himself or herself. Learn to lead others, even without formal authority through influence and enhanced communication skills to make things happen!

2. Enable People – Successful organisations actively develop its people. As a people manager, you need to identify learning needs in others and build capabilities that support the achievement of business goals. Learn how to engage and coach others to achieve outstanding results.

3. Lead Team – Leaders, organisational strategy, and corporate governance policies are interconnected elements that form the building blocks of your organisation. In this course, find out the significance of these key elements and how they are pivotal to the success of your organisation.

4. Cultivate Workplace Relationship – Successful organisations place emphasis on leaders who are able to manage diversity in terms of cultural differences and geographical locations. In this course, find out how you can effectively build workplace relationships, overcome conflicts, and deliver desired results.

5. Manage Change – In a world of rapid change, organisations need leaders who are able to help them not only to cope with change but to thrive in it. Learn to manage change and transform the way your business grows.

6. Manage Achievement of Results – Leadership is the art of inspiring and enabling others to act. In today’s global environment, talent is not limited to simply having managerial skills but being able to engage and connect. Learn to enable people so that you inspire team performance beyond your wildest imagination.

7. Develop Professional Image & Competence to Achieve Personal Career Goals – Personal branding, networking and presentation skills are critical to your marketability. This course focuses on how you can align your career aspirations, develop your professional image, and build the right connections to enhance your market value.

8. Develop Personal Effectiveness at Managerial Level – Effective leaders encourage effective communication and ethical critical thinking amongst their employees. Improve your performance by learning to maintain integrity through the decision-making process, apply emotional intelligence, and use opportunities for reflection on your own work performance. 

What You Will Be Achieving:

1. Attain higher self-awareness for practising self-leadership

2. Improve communication in personal & professional relationships

3. Enlist buy-ins from co-workers to achieve collective results

4. Better manage management’s expectation of outcome vs reality

5. Possess transferable people skills across all industries


Action Step 03

Immerse in a positive, collaborative mindset through CCE community

What You Will Be Doing:

1-year CCE Community Access to career building events and activities

– Exclusive sessions with industry mentors

– Industry talks series

– High-value speakers series

– Lifestyle series

– Alternative Career

– Career Development

What You Will Be Achieving:

1. Stay updated on industry changes and trends for timely career pivoting

2. Exposure to explore alternative income in the new economy

3. Form support groups for active learning, networking, & collaboration

Upon Completion Of RACE, 

You Will Receive:

WSQ Professional Diploma

in Leadership and People Management via Training Vision Institute


SkillsFuture Qualification Award of $1,000

Career Guidance

Dedicated personal career coach for career guidance.

CCE Community

Access to exclusive workshops and events for CCE members

Designed For

– Mid-career talents, career switchers, young executives, self-employed, freelancers, leaders and managers at any levels


– Anyone who would like to manage their professional and personal relationships better

Enrolment Details

Class venue is at Bugis at the following timing:


  • Tue: 7:00PM – 10:00PM
  • Thu: 7:00PM – 10:00PM
  • Sat: 9:00AM – 7:00PM


Enrolment criteria apply, details to be briefed upon consultation. 


What RACE Learners Say

“After striking a short conversation with Coach Dayal, I sensed that he had the relevant expertise and was in a position to understand the difficulty I faced in making my next career move. Even though I wasn’t short of options, I wasn’t sure which to choose. In my first session with Dayal, we defined the course of the following sessions to effectively resolve my dilemma. We also formed a plan with specific goals. Within six months, I was to take the necessary actions to either look for a job compatible with my strengths, or join one of the business ventures offered by my friends.”

Thomas Tang

Director of Product Development, 2017

“From the first four sessions, Coach Irene was able to identify my blind spots by asking pointed questions that got me to think more broadly about the issues that I was facing at work that was potentially affecting my work performance at the company. It was through her powerful questioning that I realized that my communication style at work was potentially the factor that was hindering my promotion.”

Leon Leong Kok Meng

Production Manager, 2017

“One of the most significant things my coach, Naidu did was to patiently go through my job history with me to identify my key strengths one by one. With a trained eye that could only have developed through years of experience, he picked out my USP in a second. I’ve always thought I have certain strengths – but nothing stood out. When I finally grasped that my USP was turning around underperforming teams, it was clear that I should prefer it over other strengths while developing my career path. It was an eye-opener.”

Victor Chan,

Senior Sales Manager, 2016

“After the profiling session, my coach encouraged me to develop my strengths. I always knew I have certain strengths, it just doesn’t occur to me that I should conscientiously develop them. He guided me further to narrow my path by skilful questioning and gave me the confidence to pursue a career goal more in line with my strengths. That awareness alone is quite miraculous. Somewhere in middle of the RACE, I changed. It subconsciously caused me to treat my clients with extra patience and attentiveness. My employer noticed the difference too.”

Robert Lim,

Freelance Trainer, 2016

ERF Registration No.: 199104974R . 

Valid from 8 Nov 2016 to 7 Nov 2020

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