Business Excellence Series 1

Business Process Re-engineering with
Robotic Process Automation Strategy


Robotic Process Automation Strategy is now the fastest-growing enterprise software in the world, according to Gartner. RPA skills are among the most sought-after capabilities in the tech world, with LinkedIn projecting a 40% annual growth rate in postings for “RPA engineers” in its 2020 Emerging Jobs Report. 

Our Robotic Process Automation Strategy programme provides our learners useful information to the workplace of the future where people have to work with computers and alongside machines in the digitalised economy.

In this two-module programme, you will learn how to build software robots to do work that are manual or repetitive. This programme introduces you to the use of cloud computing and application programme interface.

This is a must-attend course for all executives who want to get on-board the work of business transformation driven by the adoption of emerging technologies.

Learning Path

This module dives into the opportunities to improve business processes, planning and implementation of these improvements with RPA, as well as how to capture before and after data.

The lessons in this module will equip learners with the knowledge and tools to identify the business processes of an organisation with the objective of making them efficient and also in determining if there are suitable for implementation of RPA solutions.

Course graduates will also understand more about performance standards according to re-engineered business processes and how to develop a monitoring plan.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Business Process Mapping
  • Perform Process Analysis
  • Suitability Assessment for Automation
  • Feasibility Analysis for Automation
  • Introduction to RPA solutions

  5 Days – 38 training hours, 6 Practical hours, 2 Assessment hours

Learners will be utilising our training materials which are aligned and guided by our partners from the Automation Anywhere University (AAU). AAU has trained more than 350,000 developers, business analysts, partners and students in Robotic Process Automation.

The lessons in this module will equip you with the deployment of A2019 Automation Anywhere bot development software.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Robotics Process Automation Developer Job Role
  • Setting up A2019 Automation Anywhere Community Edition
  • Using IQ Bot
  • Bot Building
  • Performing Bot Testing
  • Supporting Application Programme Interface (API) Integration

 5 Days – 19 training hours, 17.5 practical hours, 1.5 assessment hours

Classes will be held at The Cathay 2 Handy Road Unit 03-04/05 Singapore, 229233

Bring Real Change and Value to your Organization

Upon completing this course you will be able to:

Who is the course for?

  • Business Executives/Managers 
  •  Robotic Process Automation Developers.
  • Software Developers/Engineers
  • Business Owners

Approved Training Partner:

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